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envVisual is facility management for the digital age. With this software, facility managers, service vendors, field staff, and building managers collaborate to solve facility issues. Log, assign, track, and resolve problems as they arise, saving time for everyone involved. Information is instantly shared between you and your
resources which resolves issues quickly and efficiently.

Our graphical interface is key to making it easy to use. Users create issues by touching or pointing where an issue is on the floor plan. They describe the issue, assign resources, add a picture if they like and save.
The data’s stored on our secure cloud server, resources are notified and respond to the issue, while facility
& building managers can oversee the entire process in real time.

Users can analyze their team’s efficiency by reviewing data gathered throughout the workflow. Applying this to relevant performance metrics gives you a snapshot of how you’re doing and knowledge to guide your actions.

Process Savings


  • Multiple steps scattered over multiple systems
  • Time wasted in organizing and assigning
  • Lots of back and forth between manager and technician
  • Work orders can get lost in the shuffle
  • No way to measure performance


  • One centralized place to report and track problems
  • Instant communication and delegation
  • Streamlined communication and notifications
  • Everything is stored in the cloud and send to individual devices
  • Automatically generated metrics and reports